Magigigika first displayed an aptitude for the arcane at a young age. With naught more than her force of personality, she found that she could produce magical effects in the world around her. Normally this amounted to little more than making those around her feel extra good or extra bad, but occasionally more significant effects would occur.

Magigigika was born to an elven mother and a human father, neither of whom treated Magigigika well. <brief>

Both her parentage and her strange magic have caused Magigigika to feel distanced from everyone else. She never made any close friends, and even went so far as to make up her own name (her logic being that she didn’t like the other people who gave her her other names).

After accidentally burning her mother to death, Magigigika’s father sold Magigigika to a circus where Magigigika was forced to the stage so that she could be reviled and hated. One day the many exotic animals of the circus got loose: sabre tooth tigers, perytons, a phase spider, and many others. In the chaos, Magigigika was aided by a man named Oren Cardle who became her instructor in the arcane arts and gave her a new name and home.

Oren, as Magigigika would eventually discover, is a Storyteller in the church of Ioun and therefore is tasked with keeping a record of the world’s histories – a role that he intended to eventually pass on to Magigigika. In fact, years after the circus incident, Magigigika learned that Oren had caused the accident. He had been impressed by the arcane abilities Magigigika had displayed on stage and had wished to apprentice her.

Magigigika underwent arduous training and studies while apprenticed to Oren. Despite this, she was happy as this was the first time that she felt like she had a real home. She underwent many years of training until one day Magigigika failed Oren’s final trial and was consequently discarded. Magigigika now practices her craft as she wanders the world in search of fun and adventure, her mind somewhat broken but her spirit fully, completely in tact.


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